How I Met Your Mother - Bait, Switch & Splitsville

Let's Talk about the latest episodes of How I Met Your Mother : Bait and Switch "Splitsville".


In this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, I would be flabbergasted if I were Lily Aldrin. You can watch How I Met Your Mother online and catch up with us. After the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother focusing on secondary characters and no ending romance, the latest episode titled Splitsville was one of the most interesting episode so far. Barney Stinson may had delivered his most touching speech to Robin ever. Barney was trying to help Robin break up with Nick as Robin is having a hard time saying goodbye the hunky Nick. He professed his wholesome love for her.

We all though this was it for Robin and Barney but the writers had another thing in mind.

Similar to the last time Barney open his heart out to Nora, it all turned out to be just a rouse. In this case, it was merely a ploy to break Robin and Nick up as she is unable to do so herself. In the very least that's what Robin perceived based on Barney's demeanor.

The first time we were shown the couple that was Barney and Robin, it was not well regarded. The audience was more welcoming of Barney the flirt and womanizer rather than the loyal boyfriend. In their initial relationship, Barney was so stressed he became obese. Robin gained weight too. They were anything but happy and settled. I guess they weren't supposed to be together. Now three years in the future, we now know Barney and Robin were meant to be, well at least they were going to at least get married. Now the fans are more excited about their wedding than Ted revealing the Mother. Barney had become a bigger character than Ted and his romantic story had overshadowed Ted's as well.

How I Met Your Mother has always excelled in making you tear up or feel a lump in your throat. Last episode's speech by Barney was one of the ones that can make a man tear up. It doesn't matter what he said after that speech. I know that Barney's every word is true to his heart. We can be sure it will be soon when Barney starts courting Robin again.






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